SERVICES I can repair most shoes and boots. I repair many leather items.
Full Sole Replacement

I have different types of full soles. Please stop by with your pair of shoes and we'll be able to find a perfect match.

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Half Sole Replacement

Depending on your needs, I have rubber and leather half soles. Please stop by with your pair of shoes and we'll be able to find a perfect match.


Heel Replacement

Heel damage is the most common trauma a shoe can experience in its lifetime. I have various types of heels. Please come on by and I’ll be happy to restore your shoes.

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Shoe Shine

Tired of your shoes looking old and worn out? Are people telling you that you need new shoes? Fear not, I am a shoe restorer expert. With a shoe shine and polish, I'll have your shoes looking as good as new.

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Shoe Stretch

Shoe stretching is an excellent way to fit your shoes around your feet. In order for me to successfully stretch your shoes, they need to be leather.


Belt Sizes and Repair

Are you running out of holes on your belt? I have tools which can help you. Stop by for a few minutes and you'll walk out feeling comfortable. If your belt is damaged, I will diagnose the problem and tell you immediately if it's fixable.

Strap Shortening/Repair

Straps are heavily used and can sometimes break. Either it's a strap on your sandal or a bag, there is a very good chane I can fix it.


Rivet Replacement

Just like all parts, rivets can break, and I have plenty of them in stock that I can match and replace.

Zipper Replacement

If your boot or bag is missing a zipper or it's broken, please stop by and I can replace it for you.

Bag's Handle Repair

I can restore almost any bag to its functional form. Handles are no exception. Don't throw away your bag if something is ripped or broken.

Shoe Height Build-up

Many of us have one leg shorter than the other. In severe cases, the difference can be significant and get in the way of your every day life, and usually causes pain in different areas of the body. I can raise or "build-up" the height of your shoe so that they are evenly matched. No more discomfort!

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